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...IMAGINE...what we can do

 ...IMAGINE having at your disposal: creativity, intellectual curiosity, humor, and grace under pressure.

Do your communications establish a consistent “voice”? Are you helping people to deal with information overload—or are you simply adding to it?

Are your communications achieving the goals you’ve set for them (assuming, of course, that you had specific goals)?

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 I can help you to ask the right questions.

Whether it’s speaking internally to your employees, supporting your marketing and sales teams, or reaching out to current and/or potential clients or donors,

 I can help you communicate more effectively.

As an independent professional, I can provide you with an informed outsider’s point of view. It’s imperative, however, that your written/published/cyberspace communications sound like YOU, not as if they were prepared by an outsider.

That’s where my 20+ years’ experience in corporate communications comes into play: By asking (and answering) the right questions, we work together to help you communicate more effectively—without losing your distinct “voice.”

 What voice are you presenting to the world?

By “voice,” I mean the tone of any given communication, and how that tone serves (or may not serve) your needs. In any specific situation, what is the appropriate voice for your organization: authoritative, offbeat, reassuring? How formal (or casual) do your communications need to be?

If your individual communications do not consistently help to establish an overall voice for your organization, opportunities for effective communications are being missed.

 Who is your audience, and what do they want [need] to know?

Your communications will succeed to the extent that you meet the expectations of your audience(s). Who is your intended audience? How do they like to receive information? What questions do they need [want] to have answered?

Are they expecting to hear from you? Is this a one-time communications opportunity, or part of an ongoing dialogue? Who's speaking to whom? And why? And why at this particular time? How much trust do you share? ....

The answers to the questions we ask will vary, but it’s important to identify, ask, and answer the right questions. Contact Us to learn more about how we can help you identify opportunities to communicate more effectively.

 Begin to imagine™ what we can achieve together.  



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