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...IMAGINE...what we can do

 ...IMAGINE implementing the right communications—and really connecting with your audience(s).

Daphne Foreman can help you meet your communications and content strategy needs—whether that means working solo as a consulting strategist and editor/writer, working with your graphic design team, or engaging other communications professionals, such as graphic designers, Web developers, UX/UI professionals, and printers.

What’s appropriate in each situation will vary, of course, but the kinds of communications consulting services we provide—and the materials we can help produce—include:
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  •   Marketing communications and sales support
  •   Human resources-driven materials (e.g., benefits, training,
      compensation, employee relations)
  •   Intranet and Internet content development, blogs, storytelling,
      social media (from tweet to long-form)

  •   Naming/branding of products and programs
  •   Voiceover recording: commercial, narration
  •   Collateral of all types: brochures, magazines, annual   reports, infographics, newsletters, white papers

  •   Employee communications
  •   One-on-one communications consulting
  •   Change leadership and management
  •   Executive correspondence and presentations

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  •   Strategic direction and active listening
  •   Advertising and PR copywriting
  •   Fundraising appeals and grant proposals
  •   Copyediting—from simple to complex

“Whether it’s speaking internally to your employees, supporting your marketing and sales teams, or reaching out to current and/or potential clients or donors, I can help you communicate more effectively.”   
–Daphne Foreman

Contact Us to learn more about the communications services we offer.

 Begin to imagine™ what we can achieve together.  


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